Mapping & GIS


PJ Smith has access to ArcGIS 10.2 and conducts  research on geospatial  trends utilizing the best available data from  local and regional planning agencies. For work  within the 7-County  Central  Florida  Region,  PJ Smith develops mapping  products  within Florida exclusively  through  his role  at  the  East  Central Florida Regional Planning Council  as the Senior GIS Analyst. Please visit for more information.

Orlando Metro Area Mapping

SunRail and Brownfield Sites

Sites with potential for T.O.D.




Orlando, FL Metro Area

Disappearing Greenspaces




The Route Condition Tool

Roadway Context/Safety Algorithm




Coastal Mapping and Analysis

NOAA Certified: Coastal Inundation Mapping (2014)

NOAA Certified: Coastal Risk Adaptation (2014)

Satellite Beach, FL

Year 2100 Sea Level Rise Inundation




Coastal Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge, Hurricanes, Flooding, HazMat, Water Quality Studies






What will Orlando become?

With the onset of SunRail in 2014, Orlando-area leaders are in the perfect position to rethink how one of the world's most visited and well-known urban areas will grow into the future. 


While SunRail connects a number of residences and jobs within the existing urban fabric of East Central Florida, there are numerous places that can be 'connected' to the existing railway network to garner substantial return on investment on taxpayer dollars while incorporating sustainable, energy-efficient and infrastructure-efficient regional growth strategies. 


This begins with the tourism corridor and Orlando Internation Airport, areas of East Central Florida that are currently accessible only by the automobile. Leveraging these regional assets with transit connections can generate excellent 'non-local' revenues from local investment.

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