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PJ Smith has a broad range of urban design skills, ranging from large scale master planning to urban infill planning, streetscape design, form-based coding and urban art.


Grounded in the elements of New Urbanism and Traditional Town Planning, PJ Smith strives to deliver urban design products that are tailored to the geographic context; implementing sustainable food, energy and technological processes into the framework of the communities he works with while reinvigorating vernacular green infrastructure through thoughtful planning.


PJ Smith works with towns, cities, private development and planning firms, as well as individual investors on concepts for urban places that are buildable and meet market demand. For more information, please contact PJ Smith directly at

                    Community Planning & Design


Ranging in size from 10 to 2000 acres, PJ Smith designs environmentally-sustainable master planned communities. Utilizing a diverse mixture of land uses, a "live, work, play" environment   and strategic green infrastructure, these communities are designed to thrive into the future.

Bearclaw T.O.D (Orlando, FL)

Zora Town Center - Town Retrofit (Eatonville, FL)

Starlight (Scottsdale, Arizona)

Meadow Woods T.O.D (Orlando, FL)

Seabreeze (Gold Coast, Australia)

Sebastian Shores (Sebastian, FL)

Cypress Tree @ Lake Nona (Orlando, FL)

Dr. Phillips Town Center (Orlando, FL)

Dune Point - Artificial Surfing Reef Community

'Uhane T.O.D (Honolulu-Oahu, HI)

Moonlight - Conceptual Master Planned City

Eatonville Town Center (Eatonville, FL)

Lake Helen Downtown Master Plan

Robinson Street Retrofit Options (Orlando) - to FDOT

Minton Road Town Center

The Pearl District (Portland, OR)

Fleet Paths & Pocket Farms

Fleet Paths & Pocket Farms

Design Specialties



Urban Art / Mural Design - UP   TO  8' x 6'


Public Space/ Exterior Design - 1" : 20'


Complete Street Design - 1" : 20' , 1" : 10'


Urban Form Design - 1" : 100' , 1" : 50'


Transect (TOD+TND) Master Plans - 1" : 200'


Agricultural Cluster Design - 1" : 200', 1" - 100'


Regional Transit Network Design


Eco-District Design (Food + Activity + Energy)


Resort Design - 1" : 100' , 1" : 50'


Coastal Resiliency & Ocean-Front Urbanism


Urban Infill (Brownfield) Design - 1" : 100'


Park Design & Preservation

West Canal District Master Plan

Turkey Lake Road Site Concept

Minton Road Village Center

South Patrick Drive - Green Street Concept (Satellite Beach, FL)

Bio-Retention Park & Green A1A Concept (Satellite Beach, FL)

Satellite Beach, Florida - Resilient Town Center Prototype

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