'Uhane, Hawai'i Master Plan

The 'Uhane master planned community would be located adjacent to the Ho'opili Transit Station on the Island of Oahu. The future monorail link to this potential development will be completed in 2017 and is located at the eastern terminus of 'Uhane Boulevard on the plan's major axis.


'Uhane would be home to approximately 6,400 residents, and approximately 65% of the development would be allocated to farm usage for local food production. Eucalyptus-lined avenues frame urban districts defined by native Hawaiian vegetation and architecture. The community's main terminus, 'Uhane Boulevard, serves as a local food producer through the harvesting of guava, papaya, banana, acai, pineapple, and other native Hawaiian fruits grown within the streetscape. 


With an emphasis on walking and bicycling, 'Uhane would allow its residents and visitors to live, work and play within the community while providing direct access to regional amenities via the Honolulu Monorail System (2017). This direct "local to regional" connection reduces demand for fossil fuels (via reductions in automobile-centric transportation methods) and will be vital on an island that currently imports more than 80% of its petroleum. 


Please contact PJ Smith at pjsmithdp@gmail.com with any questions or inquiries on this project. PJ is currently looking for funding sources for land acquisition, engineering and architectural renderings.

SketchUp model is currently under construction
Transect Plan (1" : 200')

The transect plan delineates public spaces and building lots, classifying each building and urban block in terms of their placement on the transect spectrum, an urban density model which runs from T6 (dense urban) to T1 (natural). The design guidelines depicted below define the characteristics of these codes.

Transect Guidelines - Core (T6) to Edge (T1/2)
General Design Guidelines - 'Uhane Boulevard

The following street  section depicts the main  boulevard within  'Uhane, an edible green street that celebrates Hawaii's local fruits and vernacular plant species. This street acts as a reminder of the agricultural nature of 'Uhane.

'Uhane by the Numbers

'Uhane  utilized  the  New Urbanist transect  and  is designed  as a NZE  (Net Zero Energy) Transit-Oriented  Development. The  table  below  summarizes the total number of units by Transect Code and farmland statistics.

Urban Core Green Roofs | Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions + Increasing Agricultural Acreage

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